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*What do I get with my Pleiades subscription?

With your subscription to Pleiades, you receive a total of three volumes: our Spring and Fall issues of Pleiades Magazine, and one copy of Pleiades Press’s annual Unsung Masters Series. The total value of all five volumes is $40, and you receive all of them for just $25 per year, almost 40% off the cover price.

When you subscribe to Pleiades, you get access to (1) features on contemporary international fiction and poetry (recent issues include features on new poetry and fiction from Spain, Japan, Ireland, and Egypt); (2) critical discussions of relevant topics in literature (recent issues include symposia on “Honest Violence in Fiction,” “Poetic Risk,” “Prufrock at 100,” and “Morality and Fiction”; (3) some of the best contemporary poetry, fiction, and essays available in print; (4) spotlights on new writers, introduced by accomplished writers (every issue contains at least one writer appearing in print for the first time); (5) a broad cross-section of book reviews that focus on overlooked and independent titles and presses (Pleiades is the only literary journal whose review section is so substantial that it is published as a separately bound literary supplement); and (6) a first look at our Unsung Masters feature before they are rediscovered by the literary mainstream (past Unsung Masters subjects have included Tamura Ryuichi, Dunstan Thompson, Nancy Hale, Russell Atkins, Francis Jammes, and Catherine Breese Davis).

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