3-Minute Book Review:


Three Minute Book Review: Jessica Raney on Kevin Holton’s At the Hands of Madness (Severed Press, 2018)

  1. Is this book a papyrus, typewriter, desk top computer, or iPad?

This book is a Star Fleet issue PADD, used by Seven of Nine. Nanites play a part, so resistance is futile.

  1. If this book had parents, who would they be?

If Pacific Rim and the X-Men had a baby, that baby would be At the Hands of Madness. If you like superpowers and kaiju, then this book is for you.

  1. What snack should you have while reading this book?

You should enjoy Twinkies and Pocky while reading this book. There’s a mid-west, All-American vibe, mixed with a classic Japanese monster flick in this piece. Pocky and Twinkies will cover you.


Notable Quotations:

“We’d all been asking ourselves the same thing: how do you kill a creature with no head?”

“Oh, hi. Don’t worry, that totally didn’t happen to me. On an unrelated note, where’s the Windex?”

“All we had was a bright fire, a dark sky, and each other. That would have to be enough.”


Jessica Raney is the author of Oddballs: A Collection of Short Fiction and Dreadful Pennies. Her work has also appeared in the anthology, Hair Raising Tales of Horror. When not navigating Houston traffic or writing, she’s dealing with her cat/dog/demon/baby, Gimli.

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