We Typically Run Reviews:
of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and hybrid literature.
of books from small and regional presses.

Who Can Review:
We have a team of regular reviewers who are provided with a selection of books to review for each issue, if you are interested in being a regular reviewer, please contact the reviews editor at Reviewers receive one contributor copy.

If you would like to submit an unsolicited review, our on-line submission manager is open during the months of July and December only. There is no need to query first. Please do not submit reviews via email or during any other months.

Types of Reviews:
Traditional review: 700-1200 words
Experimental Review: 500-3000 words

Retroviews: These are reviews of books published at least 30 years ago. The goal is to review not only the original literary merit, but to also speak to any contemporary relevance of the text. It is best to query during the months of September (for the next summer issue) and February (for the next winter issue), though it is fine to query during other months as well.

Experimental Reviews: These are reviews that push the stylistic limits of a typical review. Sometimes they may border on literary criticism, sometimes personal essay. These reviews are a place to play, push, and see what happens.